Sustainability Pledge

We pride ourselves in being a forward thinking and open-minded festival, always looking for ways to better our systems and ourselves. Over the last 5 years we have been moving in the correct direction with increasing diversity, social cohesion, innovative ideas and above all creating a unique festival experience on the Adriatic coastline. We recognise in many areas we need to do better and we will need to continue improving and evolving indefinitely across the board.

We recognise the immediate impact our event has on its surroundings and the planet. We understand that our activities will always have an impact but we wish to create better & greener practices with our attendees, crew, artists and contractors. Some GHG emissions are currently unavoidable without support from governments, policies and technologies – we do pledge to do our best to minimise our impact by measuring and monitoring our overall activities setting up clear reduction targets.


We have partnered with Earth/Percent, a new charity founded by Brian Eno to unleash the power of music in service of the planet. The aim is to encourage you to invest in climate solutions by supporting the most impactful organisations addressing the climate emergency.

You can do this by purchasing a simple add-on when you buy a ticket on RA or if you have already got your ticket you can still purchase an add-on. Don’t worry we are doing our bit, we will calculate & price the carbon emissions of our crew flights and donate Earth/Percent too.

Our sustainability coordinator will be coming to site for the first time this year to understand the different practices, behaviours and logistics happening at Love International. Meeting you, our contractors and The Garden’s team will be key in collecting feedback to set new initiatives in 2023 and beyond.

We will calculate the event’s GHG emissions and will publish our findings. From there, using 2022 as our year zero, we will create a 3 year action plan and do our best to reduce our overall impact. We align ourselves with the rest of the event industry – aiming for Net Zero by 2030.

We want to start a movement at Love International where everyone is proactive in keeping the site clean. You’ll find more messaging onsite, both front and back of house – as we move towards an environmental minded and participative community.

We are working with The Garden and will communicate with other events happening in Tisno through the summer to create an action plan for a more sustainable site & facilities. We are here for the long run and much more can be achieved if we work together.