Transmission To Tisno 2.0

We are very pleased to announce the 2nd edition of Transmission to Tisno. We ask 2 of our favourite artists to produce a joint 2 hour mix from separate locations. An artist from each pairing creates the first 30 minutes of the recording, setting the tone and pace of the recording. The second artist in the pairing is then sent this first piece of audio adding the next 30 mins themselves. This process existed for 2 rotations, until 2 hours of recording was completed.  For this second edition we asked a selection of key festival friends alongside some new artists who are due to play the next edition of the festival in Tisno to contribute. A blended audio experience from isolation, available exclusively on


Anz b2b Call Super 

Darwin b2b Parris

Lauren Hansom b2b Vladimir Ivkovic 

Yu Su b2b Optimo