Love International X Test Pressing imprint is born

We have some news and its not about the festival as such…
We have started a new record imprint with our friends at Test Pressing. Together we have quietly been releasing compilations for the last three years and we felt it was time to do more. So we have stared a record label, well its more of a project than a label. Here is how it works: we find a recording artist we love, we work with them to pick a designer and create an archive of items which we feel compliment each release. Materials to live with. Audio to physical. Vinyl to thread. Friends and family making things we care about.
For the first collection we are working with Fantastic Man and Iranian born designer Alexander Papoli-Barawti. Check out the record, grab some merch and dream of Tisno. The collection drops on May 14th.
Pre-order here.
Listen here.