Welcome to the first edition of  FAN:ZIN published by Love International and Test Pressing. 

It’s been a funny year. Well… Year and a half… As ever in these times you have to look for the upsides and new music for us has been the one to keep us moving. With producers and clubs in lockdown it’s given many people around us a chance to hit the studio and also to dig into all the amazing music coming through.  

On our side of the fence we took the time to launch a new record label – LIXTP. We had an opportunity to look at how to do things differently and decided we could bring more to the table so our idea was that each producer would collaborate with a designer and we’d make some pieces to go with each release. It worked out pretty well. Shout to Mic Fantastic Man for nailing the music on the first release and Alex Papoli-Barawati for getting the design spot on. 

I guess that’s the point really. We’ve all had time to think and this FAN:ZIN is another expression of that. We’ve been discussing how we keep what we love doing alive and in focus whilst we (basically) can’t do it and we decided to reach out to people we know, the DJs and producers who make what we do special, and ask them to get involved. Tisno, our festival home in Croatia, features heavily as does some tips on navigating lockdown and lots more. 

Palms Trax has picked his top 10 record shops for digging in Europe, Crazy P have answered the big questions when travelling to Tisno, Heidi Lawden talks us through her book collection, Midland talks dinner in Tisno and Mix Nights chat all things covid and adapting their work through the pandemic. 

We find out Hodge doesn’t just love techno but also plants, Budino & Josh Caffe give us some essential tunes to get us ready for club life again and Adriatic Social Club present 10 classics made in Ex-Yugoslavia.

The zine was designed by the incredible Indiana Lawrence. It was risograph printed by 16 Tonne Press using paper stock which is fully recycled (100% post industrial fibres). Both doing amazing things in Bristol. 

Alongside the zine people will get a postcard to send to a friend you were meant to be in Tisno with, a pencil and a sticker sheet. All hand packed with care and using sustainable materials where possible.

50% of profits will go to Solidarna, a foundation for human rights and solidarity which strives to become a reliable partner to private and public donors as well as to civil society initiatives, acting as their mediator and catalyst of resource mobilization for autonomous human rights initiatives in Croatia and its broader region.

Thanks to everyone that took the time to get involved. I guess we’re all learning a new way here and we just hope that wherever you are you’re doing just fine. Hold tight. 

FAN:ZIN 001 is available on the Love International Bandcamp.